Drive summer sales and awareness, as well as discovery and trial through an influencer program that will support Tejava fans, recruit new fans and build the Tejava lifestyle conversation online through online sweepstakes.



The influencer program consisted of 15 Instagram Influencers sharing their own unique content under our brand hashtag: #TheBoldLife. We invited them to celebrate the end of summer, as well as give away a full year of Tejava on us. By harnessing the power of Instagram, we grew the Tejava following, built engagement up, as well as supported and cultivated the community and our fans.


The Influencers were asked to share their own unique photos, created with the product, along with specific giveaway text that would drive engagement and also grow following of both Tejava and the influencer.

The Influencers were chosen based on a cross-section of desired following and engagement as well as the individual interest in the brand.



This campaign reached new audiences and took the Tejava_Tea Instagram to handle new corners of social media. We received thousands of likes and comments. The messaging supported discovery for individuals who had not heard of Tejava before, but also gave a forum for existing fans to feel a brand connection. Comments included both people who were excited to try Tejava for the first time and existing fans who were excited to see the brand on a friend or influencer’s channel.


Campaign Results:

Total Posts: 49

Total Likes: 18,166

Total Comments: 1,738

Total Impressions 529,075

Average Likes Per Post: 326

Campaign Average Engagement 6.77%


Sample Post

Calabasas CA