Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) was looking to drive more millennials to experience theirr Sterling Vineyards by partaking in their world renowned tasting room and beautiful tram ride up to a historical winery with stunning architecture and amazing views.



We invited a handful of micro-influencers to Sterling Vineyards to share their elevated experience to promote a sweepstakes contest rewarding one follower and friend with a tasting at Sterling Vineyards. Our influencer campaign consisted of 5 Instagram Influencers sharing their own unique content under our branded hashtags. We invited them to participate in our premium vineyard tour and to celebrate Sterling Vineyards while promoting our sweepstakes through multiple social media postings. By harnessing the power of Instagram, we created brand awareness and a following growth for Sterling Vineyards.



By utilizing influencers Sterling Vineyards was able to produce a successful social campaign that built brand awareness, fostered community growth, and promoted a successful sweepstakes campaign where 8% of our influencer audience participated in the sweepstakes.


Average Engagement: 4.5%

Reach: 139,500+

Tags: 825

Posts: 16

Comments: 714+

Likes: 11,008+

Video Views: 3,910+

Stories: 35+

Sweepstakes Entries: 11,341.


Calabasas CA