Build a brand that needs instant credibility as a leading single-source provider of solar energy systems and solutions for schools, businesses and communities. Mile 9 spearheaded the development of everything

from brand strategy and brand identity to sales and marketing materials development and production.



For brand strategy development, we first immersed ourselves into the company’s marketplace, while gaining greater insight into its business focus. Once we had a strong perspective on the company, its culture and

market space, we were ready to build out the company’s brand strategy – creating a unique and differentiated brand positioning conveyed through new corporate brand identity and messaging.


Inspired by the sun’s kinetic movement across the horizon, the newly designed PFMG Solar brand logo connects the new frontier for the company’s rebranding with its engineering experience heritage.


Once we solidified the brand strategy and logo, we were able to ensure that a consistent brand message was conveyed throughout all marketing materials. This included a new website, sales materials, trade show booth,

QR tag, corporate video and educational materials for schools. We are continuing to develop materials for PFMG Solar, including an iPad app for its sales team and the community, along with print advertising to create

goodwill in local communities.



We have helped PFMG Solar gain not only new business, but new investors and relationships resulting in PMFG Solar have become the largest provider for solar for Southern California schools with over 230 schools.


Targeted video and digital campaign

Website & marketing materials

Calabasas CA