As a revolutionary new brand with a growing presence in the natural category, Oral Essentials worked with
Mile 9 to take on the major players in the oral care industry. To help them reach a wider audience of consumers who aren’t intent on using natural products, the Mile 9 team cultivated a unique voice and created a digital campaign that would appeal to every brusher, flosser, and mouthwasher while remaining true to the roots of Oral Essentials.



In an industry dominated by major corporations that rely on harmful ingredients in their products, we had to figure out a way to wake people up and urge them to rethink their oral care routine. Through simple and clear messaging across multiple touchpoints, we crafted a digital campaign that encouraged people to stop sleepwalking to the sink. By demystifying many assumptions about oral care and educating people about the benefits of the naturally derived ingredients in Oral Essentials, we offered an alternative to keeping your mouth clean without compromise.


Our creative messaging was translated seamlessly into an integrated campaign that included brand architecture, digital and social media and an email campaign.


By strategically leveraging scientific research from the founders of Oral Essentials, an upstart brand has been able to shake up the decades-old order of the oral care industry.




Oral Essentials’ inaugural campaign has been instrumental in supporting direct sales, retailers, and Amazon
e-commerce. The brand is poised to make a splash on the national level by educating people about a better way to manage their oral care, giving everyone something worth smiling about.



Calabasas CA