Ocean's Halo is on a mission to introduce kelp products to the world by developing new and exciting products and show people how wonderful kelp taste and all its health benefits. Mile 9 was tasked with creating a fun social campaign to introduce its new organic noodle bowls and to support the retailers who carry it.



Instant noodles have long been dominated by the just add water inexpensive dry noodles for decades and most get hooked on them while attending college. To introduce Ocean's Halo new line of fresh organic noodle bowls we create a campaign that celebrates how ramen is slurped up and enjoyed. Our social campaign featured kids and adults slurpin’ up and experiencing a fresh new way to get their noodle fix as well as guiding our consumers on where to get them. This highly targeted social campaign consisted of 3 paid Facebook ads and a variety of organic posts across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The Fresh Slurpin’ paid ads featured 3 separate videos, each targeting the different markets of millennials who shop at Whole Foods, Moms who shop at Whole foods, and Moms who shop at Walmart.



By harnessing the power of social we’ve increased eyes on the Ocean’s Halo brand through views, built up engagement, and created quality content that continues to grow. During the 5 day campaign targeting Southern California and with a small budget of $3,000 we achieved 135,000+ impressions and over 70,000 unique views.


Targeted video and digital campaign

Calabasas CA