Cadence Gourmet has been utilizing its revolutionary nitro freezing process in the food service world for over 5 years and was ready to launch their tasty entrées and sides direct to consumer through major supermarkets. They had two major heralds to overcome: educate the consumer that not all frozen are created equal and how their self-serve kiosks filled with space looking food are healthy meals that all you need to do is heat up in a skillet for 10 minutes.



With the fresh meal kits claiming they’re making meal-time easier and the frozen food isle becoming a wasteland we had to figure out a way to truly help solve the “what’s for dinner” dilemma. Through simple and clear messaging across multiple touchpoints, we crafted a campaign to get dinner off your mind and on to your plate in 10 minutes. We started by changing the name to Cadence Kitchen to bring to life “from our kitchen to yours” messaging as well as creating a new look and feel to brighten up the brand and showcase the wonderful entrés and sides they create.


Our creative messaging and imagery was translated seamlessly into an integrated campaign that included brand architecture, web development, digital and social media, email, retailer support, and videos.


By strategically leveraging this new way to get dinner on the table from the founders of Cadence Kitchen, this brand is on its way to answer one question we all ask every day “what’s for dinner”.



Though the Cadence Kitchen campaign is still underway, the early results have been overwhelmingly positive. Cadence Kitchen inaugural campaign has been instrumental in supporting new retailers and driving awareness.

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In-Store Messaging

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